Rope of Central Ohio (ROCO)

You stopped by Bondage by Kevin and they gave you a card?

That means you’re one of the cool kids.

It might also mean that you’re interested in more rope bondage.

We’ve taught rope and organized rope bondage events for more than a decade.

And we’ve started up a rope group at the Trauma venue.

We meet every second Sunday at 2:00PM at the Church of the Sparkling Unicorn (where Trauma is held).

2350 Indianola Ave Columbus, OH 43202

That’s 2-5PM on the second Sunday of the month. We haven’t missed a meeting since November 2022.

Ten bucks to get in. (If $10 is too much for you, contact the organizers for scholarship help.)

Bring rope. Bring a friend. We’ll have water and snacks and rope to lend.

The next meeting is at 2:00 on Sunday May 12th.

Here is the Fetlife event link.

Got questions? Contact us on Fetlife.

Kevin on Fetlife

BondageNexus on Fetlife.

Magic on Fetlife

The most common questions are:

Do I need to bring a partner? 

No, about one fourth of the people attending rope group arrive solo. You’ll be in good company. No guarantees that someone will want to tie you or be tied by you but your odds of doing some rope bondage here are vastly higher than they are  anywhere else in the known universe.

Do I need rope?

Rope is handy but we usually have rope to loan.

Can I just socialize?

Sure. There’s even a gathering after rope group at a nearby pizza place. We’re an easy crowd to hang with.

The next rope group meeting is 2:00 Sunday May 12th.