Photo Policy

Photographs of rope work at cons and parties is a super hot kink.

Up front we should state clearly that there is no way anyone can guarantee that photos of you will never reach the wrong eyes. Like any kink, photography has its risks.

Always know that there are participants who do not want to be photographed or recorded in any way. Behave such that these people are kept safe.

Rather than try to minimize risks with rules that prohibit photography, we are going to encourage this risk aware consensual kink with these rules:

Rule Number Zero: Every photograph is considered a scene where all participants must opt in. That is, everyone involved in each photograph (shooting, posing, tying) must enthusiastically consent to the photography.

Rule Number One: You must negotiate photography beforehand. Before pointing a camera or phone at anyone, consider discussing model releases, your backdrop (which could possibly include other people), the extent of the shoot, whether the resulting images may or may not be posted or shared, whether permission to post the images can be revoked, whether editing and/or photo credit is required, how and when the images will be provided, and so on.

Assume that, if you do not have express permission from everyone involved, you do not have the right to take photographs.

Rule Number Three: Audio and video are not to be recorded. This type of recording can easily capture unintended voices that can be identified.

Rule Number Four: During the play party only vetted/approved photographers can approach attendees to offer photographs. (If you have to ask, you are probably not going to be an approved photographer.) You and your partner may take photos of each other, with the usual assumptions of previous enthusiastic consent.