COVID and Consent Policy

You are now reading the COVID and consent policy for Rope Nexus events.

You probably have some expectations of what should be in this policy and what should not be in this policy. Everyone does.

You also know that there are people who have different conclusions on what should be (and should not be) in this policy.

As much as we’d like to “parent” you with our own guidelines from our own conclusions regarding vaccinations, medical tests, social distancing, masks, types of play etcetera, we acknowledge that we are inviting you to our gathering as consenting adults.

As consenting adults, we are going to trust you to behave in accordance with what you know to be best.

So that you can give informed consent, we expect this event will include tying, talking, hugging, eating, other forms of physical contact, and photography within each attendee’s personal risk profile. You are welcome to participate in any of the activities, provided you are comfortable with the risks of these activities, and provided you have mutually and enthusiastically given your consent.

We know that it is possible that others will be doing things that are not within your personal risk profile. We welcome you to try the things that you are drawn to try, and we ask you to quietly allow space for others to do things that may seem dangerous or nonsensical to you.

If after reviewing this policy you find that it’s not the kind of event you could attend – while still having all attendees experience being welcomed – then we invite you to find or form an event with policies that more closely match your own risk tolerances.