Freedom House March 2022 Message 1

Hey Team Member,

Below is the contents of the first message sent to ticket holders via BrownPaperTickets:


Hey, it’s Mike (BondageNexus), your cruise director for your Freedom House adventure starting six days from now. In this note I’ll be speaking on behalf of the Freedom House Team for March 2022 so you’ll see the use of the word “we” a lot.

This is the first set of questions and answers about what you can expect on Saturday. If it works, it will be the only set of questions and answers.

After you skim the list of questions for your favorites, please reply to this message with a quick “I got it!”

1) What should I bring?

Chairs! If you have a camp chair then you’ll want to bring it for the morning presentation. Mats and cushions are also good choices for the day. If you’re good standing all day (or resting on a hard wood floor) then you’ll be fine as well.

Bring your favorite soft drink. We will have water in bottles and we will have a limited amount of sodas with the pizza party. Beyond that bring what you need to make yourself comfortable.

Snacks such as aftercare chocolates. 

Photographic gear.

Play gear.

Costumes or maybe a change of clothes.

An open mind and a zest for adventure.

2) How will registration work?

Registration goes from 8:30 to 9:15. You will show up at…

24179 OH-161, Irwin, OH 43029

You can park in the two rows next to the venue or on the street. (You should NOT park in the post office parking lot until after the post office is closed later in the afternoon.)

You will want to enter through the marked door at the back of the venue. (The front door facing the road leads to a private residence and it will be locked.)

We will glance at your state issued ID to see that you are indeed registered and lucky enough to be at least 19 years of age. We’ll ask you to read and sign a waiver that holds everyone harmless if anything bad happens. We’ll give you a wrist band for either the UNCon, the party, or both.

3) What if my ticket included the pizza party for lunch?

Most attendees opted for the pizza, and if you did then we will give you a ticket for the pizza party. Pizza arrives around 12:20. There will be a few types of pies (meat, veggie, cheese, gluten free) and some salads and a few soft drinks.

4) What is the general time line for the day?

The day is part presentation, part UNCon, and part party.

Folks bringing play furniture to share (hard points, spanking benches, massage tables, etc) will want to arrive as early as 7:30. You can bring the furniture into the venue until 9:00.

Registration goes from 8:30 to 9:15.

Opening remarks are at 9:20.

The presentation by Herb Ascherman begins at 9:30. (You remembered to bring a chair, right?) Herb’s presentation will go until approximately 11:00.

Around 11:15 we will begin the UNCon. If this is your first UNCon then you are in for a treat. 

Pizza and salads will magically appear in the middle of the con. You can get it while it’s hot or dine at your leisure. (If you must know the secret scheduled time for pizza delivery then we can share that. Otherwise check out the link below on how rope UNCons work. Hint: There is not an official lunch break.) 

We will adjourn at 5:05 which will give us time to find our cars and make our way to the Plain City Der Dutchman restaurant where they are expecting about 55 of us for a 5:30 dinner munch. (The restaurant is about 13 minutes away). No reservation needs to be made. Just look for the familiar faces in the large dining room or ask the staff for the UNCon group. It’s $17 for a buffet dinner or you can choose from the menu.

The munch wraps up at 7:45 so the party can start at 8:00. We will lock the doors at 9:00. (If you must duck out, make arrangements for someone to watch the door to let you back in.)

We will have party lighting and sound until midnight. Then we’ll transition to a quieter rope party which will have you off to your bed before 2am.

5) What the heck is an UNCon?

I’m glad you asked! Rope UNCons have a wonderful history and you should read about that here:

If you are looking for a more technical explanation of UNCons, Wikipedia does a fair job here:

After more than a hundred UNCons focused on rope bondage we’re confident that it’s a successful formula. Bring an open mind and a desire to learn – and to teach – and you will find it rewarding.

6) What is the photo policy?

Photography during a kink event can be tricky. We do have a policy to guide the way:

7) What hard points are available?

A number of attendees are bring portable hard points to share. There are also two hard points that were recently installed in the high ceiling of the venue. More information on those points is here:

8) What if I’m coming just for the party? 

Great! Be sure to arrive at 8:00PM when the party starts. We’ll be returning from the munch then.

9) What are the rules? 

Beyond the photo policy we don’t have a set of hard and fast rules. The vast majority of attendees have participated in many other kink events so they know not to bring animals, not make a mess, not catch things on fire (beyond the intended victim), not allow anyone under the age of 19, not touch people or things without permission, and so on. 

If this is your first kink event, definitely ask for clarification from the party captain on duty. The party captain will be glad to offer guidance on whether your plans sound good or bad.

Now that you’ve made it to the bottom of this list of questions please reply to this message with a quick “I got it!” We’re using a new ticketing system and we need to know that you’ve at least received the first message.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday morning!