BondageNexus Class List

Tying For Eels

Escape artists are a special breed of rope fans. Often they are secretly disappointed if they are tied in such a way that they can eel out of it easily. 

This class covers techniques that can be used to restrain willing partners inescapably. We cover the safety issues that are unique to eeling scenes including the urge to thrash, and how to tie so that partners are able to experience competitive thrashing or panic. 

Hints for gamification of eeling scenes are included so that attendees can enhance their styles of play.

We cover the psychology of eeling including the (often accidental and unintentional)  power exchange which can occur when a skilled escape artist finds out that they cannot escape a tie they were sure they could slip.

We demonstrate the making of Solomon bar rope cuffs that provide the magic cross between actual cuffs and rope tie.

Suitable audiences: Beginners to advanced rope fans love this class.

Rope: Any rope works but folks learn that nylon rope is a good fit so that eels have a sporting chance of untying knots with their secured hands and toes.

Suspension Recipe

The purpose of the Suspension Recipe class is to introduce otherwise experienced rope tops to suspension. Often rope tops report being unclear about one or two things that keep them from attempting suspensions. 

Rather than a “tie along” approach, we gather the group into a very close circle and demonstrate a simple recipe for first time face down suspensions that can safely(!) accommodate any size of rope bottom. 

This class will watch – at very close range – how the recipe is done. The process is repeated up to five times. This method has been proven to be boring by design to the attendees, such that they experience new confidence that they can now A)do the thing that has prevented them from suspending or that they B)know exactly what to practice. The class also gets a good suspension recipe composed of a simplified OS2 chest harness and separate thigh cuffs.

Suitability: Intermediate rope tops looking to take their first steps in suspension.
Rope: No rope is required for this class.

Bondage 101

This class is part bottom’s buffet and part demonstration and lecture on the How and Why of bondage. 

We sample handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties, straitjackets, shrink wrap, leather cuffs, chains, and of course rope.

We touch on the psychology of tying and being tied. Newcomers often arrive at cons with a narrow idea of what constitutes bondage, and then are worried when the first few things they see don’t match up to what they had imagined. Thus the focus of this class is on widening the experience of new bondage enthusiasts while validating their various interests in all the expressions of bondage.

We model consent as The Way that everyone will want to engage their future bondage partners. 

Suitability: New people are the target of this class.
Rope: No rope is needed for this class.


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