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If you enjoyed yourself at Drauma and you were looking for more rope bondage then join us May 12th at the Church of the Sparking Unicorn (where Drauma was held) for the monthly meeting of Rope of Central Ohio.

You will recognize some faces from Drauma.

We gather at 2:00 for some advanced rope instruction followed by a class just for those absolutely new to tying people up. Then at 5:15 we have a dinner munch at Hounddog’s Pizza, about a mile away from the church.

Join us every second Sunday for rope group.

There will be pie.

If you’re lucky enough to be on Fetlife and you want to RSVP then here is the link to the rope group event.

KIC Parties

Looking for the excitement that is a kink party? If you’re in central Ohio you’ll want to check out the KIC Events where every month we lower the lights, put on fetish attire and great music, and then do everything from fire to rope, with hard points and spanking benches. Each evening starts out with a class on a kinky topic and (if you’re new) a tour of the venue. Experts will demonstrate flogging (aka impact play), electricity, and fire.

It’s so much fun you’ll have to sign a waiver. You have to get your free membership ahead of attending so don’t be a last minute person on this one.

On Fetlife? Here is the link to RSVP for the next KIC party on May 17th.